Greenfit Curve Non Motorized Treadmill


Like new. Totally gone through and in tip top condition by our trained technicians.



Effortless Running-

Walk, jog, spring or stop on a dime with just shifting your body forward or back.  No need to touch or program anything on a console as its just get on and go.


The patented curve design helps conforms better to your stride and helps you stay on the balls of your feet which is very important for runners.  This reduces joint impact and improves your running form.


These treads are molded from advanced composite materials and incorporate a soft shock absorbing cover which provide the right spring and shock absorption while handling high loads and keeping the unit lasting a long time.

Zero Maintenance-

The tread belt system has a strong foundation from the precision ball bearings and rollers which support this patented belt tread system.  The end result is a smooth and quiet belt system with zero maintenance requirements.


Length is 68 inches by 34 inches wide and 68 inches tall.


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