Flow Fitness 8 Station Jungle Gym MJ8



This unit is powder coated Arctic Silver and the dimensions are 224 L by 183 W by 94 H in inches.  Weight is 3480 pounds.  This has the same tubing that Life Fitness uses.  

  1. Using top quality pipes,the thickness of the tube is standard 3mm before spraying,and tube size 114*65mm


  1. Surface treatment process, we are unique,because before spraying, firstly there is the acid pickling process, this is very important, it can remove the impurity thoroughly, can guarantee the surface is very smooth,so the spraying powder can tightly attach on the tube surface,Then spray. So the whole surface treatment process can better protect the rube and lengthen its service life.


  1. The spraying powder grade is the best


  1. Micro weight stack: increasing the exercise options of the trainer.


  1. Pulley: The material is high-strength polyoxymethylene, which is stronger than high-strength nylon, better self-lubricity and wear resistance, high bending strength, and its load bearing 120KG runs more than 1 million times without damage; the bearings in it is Special bearing for air conditioner, good mute effect, strong and durable. Its running accuracy is very high, the axial deflection of the pulley is 0.1-0.3mm, the radial deflection is 0.03-0.15mm, which is more than 5 times higher than most similar products; In addition, smooth grooves will reduce wear, so meanwhile  increase the service life of pulleys and wire ropes.


  1. Steel wire: Its steel core is imported from Japan and Germany and the material wrapped the steel core is French PA12. It has high flexibility, wear resistance, high strength and high safety, and the elongation rate is less than four thousandths. Long service life, it will not be deformed even after repeated use for long term.


  1. Adjustment bar: Complete stainless steel material 304 material,thickness 3.0mm,tube size 40*80mm,length 2130mm.


  1. Stainless steel Screw: all screws are stainless steel 304, 8.8 grade, good toughness, high strength, no rust, good appearance color, high-end quality.


  1. Weight stack: high-quality weight stack with fine workmanship, our weight stack is made of good quality steel plate, cutted from the whole steel plate. What’s more, it is produced by better laser cutting process, polishing process and spraying process


  1. The Scientific movement trajectory,better experience.



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